January 8th, 2011


Valley School, 080111

It started out as three people...Naveen, Nandan and I, going to Valley School; but the minute I realized that more people could go...I ensured that more people DID! So finally, it was 8 of us who had piping hot coffees at Park View, before going off to a misty morning at Valley School.....here IS the misty morning:

sunrse tree 080111

Of course, the minute you enter Valley School, one or more dogs appoint themselves your guides, and stick with you throughout your outing!

vs guide dgs 080111

Here are the other seven, engrossed in bird-watching and id-ing:

all of us 080111 vs

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We even saw an owl...this lovely one, which formed part of the decorations of a Mela that was taking place in the School!

owl mela 080111

I've put up more pics on my

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So...I hope all of you enjoy our Valley School visit as much as we did!