January 14th, 2011


Bannerghatta Zoo area, 140111

I so thoroughly enjoyed myself on our trip to Bannerghatta Zoo area today....we were FIFTEEN of us! (Names follow, where they belong..in the mammals' list!)

We finally decided on the Zoo area as we got extremely delayed, and some of us were also constrained to get back early...some of us were actually going in to work! It was the easiest destination to get to, and Fauzia, for example could quickly take a bus from the terminus and get back to work.

I must say, the Zoo area never disappoints me....here we are, setting out after parking our cars....on the left is the JLR Hill View Restaurant, and on the right, with the buildings showing behind us, is the new bus terminus....

setting out bgz 140111

And...here are our shadows on the rock!

brdr shdws 140111

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Happy Pongal/Sankranti/Lohri to everyone who celebrates the festival tomorrow!