January 29th, 2011


Catching up....

I can live perfectly well without the internet...but catching up later is MURDEROUS!

Haven't been able to see a single friend's post yet...broken laptop means no internet access (am in Delhi in a friend's home right now) until I get back home...

In Delhi, briefly....

Drove to Delhi from Chambal, and by the time we'd dropped off some of the members of our group and meandered through the BJP Rally, we were dog-tired, and didn't even think of any shopping or visiting. Am at a friend's home, and we're taking the early morning train to Haridwar.

Meanwhile, I've been able to get my hands on KM's laptop and Reliance card, so I've posted some pics to Facebook:

click here

to see some of them.

Alas, it is SO much easier to post photos to Facebook than to load them to Photobucket, title them, and then post to LJ.... :(