February 10th, 2011


Memories...Me, Wildlife, Music, Sarees...

I think this was 1975.

pon pkr photo 1975

This photograph was taken by

Ahmed Ali

a professional photographer who was

Nafisa Ali's father )

....to be circulated, along with my horoscope, for "matrimonial purposes".

I felt that it wasn't ME at all...I'd never leave my hair loose like that, or use even that much of make-up. I was so innocent, that I never realized what a high-profile photographer had taken my portrait!

Collapse )

dm lkng rt 1973

Ah, the days when I was young....and by the way, that saree I'm wearing in the first photograph was one of two that were bought for me the previous year...this one fell apart, but I still have the other one...and I do remember that this one cost Rs.90 in Nalli's of Mylapore!

I also remember, this was just after one of my first few music concerts, when I was professionally rated to have an excellent voice, and

Lalgudi Jayaraman

asked my parents if they would like to promote me in a musical career...they refused! Music, they felt, should be a hobby and not a profession. I wish I'd had the ability to insist...

Children at play....

chldrn at ply 280111

Bateshwar, on the Yamuna, near Chambal, 280111.

Lost in their world
The children play;
They've not yet been hurled
Into the harsh realities of life.
What appears to a grown up
As a blank wall
Is actually shown up
In a child's mind
As a treasured find:
When they're small
And free from strife,
They can get away...
Into a magic realm of their own...
Where they are alone
With their imagination. When
I see them, I wish they'd remain
Forever children
Dwelling in that hidden domain...

Off to see the Aero Show at Yelahanka tomorrow..