March 17th, 2011


The leaves of spring...

Feels like summer, but some of the trees think it is spring....

new lvs cbn pk 150311

It's lovely to see the coppery sheen on the fresh leaves of the Peepal and the Honge trees, too.

Fresh life means fresh hope; the trees are, truly, turning over a new leaf!

Some of the trees flowering in Bangalore.....

As you go around the city, don't forget to see the flowers of spring and summer, in all their they are:

Albizia saman, the Rain Tree:

backlit rain tree flower bg 280209

Tabebuia argentea (or Tacoma argentea), the Golden Bell or Trumpet:

tabebuia argentea

Couroupita guianensis, the Cannonball tree (Nagalinga):

nAgallinga marA

The flower has a faint and lovely smell:

Cannonball(Couroupita guianensis)

Collapse )

Sometimes, just the emerging new leaves look as beautiful as flowers....

new lvs cbn pk 150311

See these leaves of a tree of the Terminalia species!

terminalia new lvs 130311

The best lists of all are Karthik's,