April 7th, 2011



Many years ago, KM's brother bought us two books, where unexpected 3-D images would "pop" out of the printed mass of patterns on the page.

You can see one such image in the Wiki about autostereograms,


I suddenly thought of them now when thinking about the Spinning Dancer illusion, and I decided to...what else...google for them.

If you have not "seen" an autostereogram before, there is a technique to it. What works for me is seeing "into" the page, focusing just beyond the printed pattern; quite suddenly, the hidden picture comes into three-dimensional view against the background. Sometimes, though, the hidden picture can be "set into" what becomes the foreground.


are a series of these images....I intend to have fun for a while....I hope you do, too! Alas, a few of my friends were never able to "see" the hidden picture..I hope you are not among that number!

Some butterflies in Assam....

When we went to Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, on the last day of our (well, Gopal and I....Vinay and Yash are still not back!) trip to Assam, butterflies were certainly not on my mind. I wanted Gopal to see the Hoolock Gibbons, and perhaps some of the other macaques.

When, after a long time we did get to see the Gibbons, we watched a family of three for a while, when we were told that a group of Black-capped Langurs were in the trees near the front office, and so off we went there, along the Guwahati-Tinsukia railway tracks!

After watching the Langurs for a while, we suddenly heard the hooting of the Gibbons again, and off went Gopal quickly. I followed a little more sedately, because I was not sure I would be able to see the animals in the foliage...and because some creatures of the air and sunshine had caught my eye.

Many of them were "lifers" (first-time sightings) for me...here are a few, that I managed to click...



common map b'fly 040411 gibbon

Collapse )

One of the most beautiful was this


leopard lacewing 040411 gbn

Thanks to Rohit Girotra and Karthik for help with the id's...without them, most of these photos would probably not have titles at all!


She's halfway across the world, and occasional "skyping" is the way I keep in touch. But I love the anecdotes that make their way across the ocean....

KTB always wants to get away from her high chair after her meal is over, but the rule is that she must either sign (ASL) or say, "All done" or "Acchu" (Tamizh)...but she does not like doing this.

Her parents, therefore, leave her in the high chair until she says this. THEY adopt a variety of ways to convey to her that shrieking to be let out is not an acceptable form of request....they ignore her, they tell her calmly what she must do....and take her out when she finally signs or says "All done".

She too thought up an innovative way of getting out of the chair. She knows that dropping cutlery from her high chair would result in a "time out"...which is usually her going to a corner and standing there.

So, looking carefully at her parents to see that they were noticing what she was doing (and, of course, to a chorus of "K, DON'T drop your spoon on the floor!")...she carefully dropped her spoon on the floor...and then waited expectantly to be taken out of her high chair.

Extreme surprise resulted when her mother told her that there would be a "time out"...but that it would be right there, on the high chair!

Instant compliance, and a signing of "All done", was her prompt response.

KTB is learning strategic thinking!

Alas, I have no recent photographs...the parents are really busy, balancing home, child, friends and other activities. But when I go there...you are going to be DELUGED again with KTB images!

I've volunteered.....

I read in Citizen Matters about

volunteering for Bus Day

instead of the usual 4th of the month, in April it seems to be on the 8th, and so,

I volunteered

Well, Girija of BMTC has asked me to be at East End (there are two different bus stops there, wonder what I should do!)....from 5.30pm to 8.30pm.

Let me see how many "ministers, officers and other celebrities" take the bus....and how many I can "help" at East End.

I am generally tickled that these "notables" need "help" to travel by bus for ONE day....who helps the members of the Mango Public (Aam Janta) who travel this way every day, without any fuss?

The celebrities are supposed to be "leading by example"...how can someone lead when thousands of people are already doing something, I wonder!

Oh, well, some effort on the part of the "celebrities" is better than nothing, I guess...will update on this later.