April 23rd, 2011


Valley School, 220411

Kannan had wanted me to take him to Valley School, but earlier, there were too many people coming, so we went to Ragihalli instead. But this Friday, though it kept raining pretty heavily, Chandu, Kannan, Jayashree and I set off..... the rain actually made several things more beautiful...look for example at these lovely berries, dripping diamonds!

berry rain 220411 vs

Would you like to see some of the things that I managed to photograph?

Collapse )

A wonderful morning...none of us knew where the time went, and we finally had "breakfast" at 11.15 am!...Here's a lovely "sitting portrait" of the Spot Swordtail:

spot swdtl vs 220411

And let me close with my regular boyfriend, the


which Kannan wanted to see, and finally did!

tbfctchr 220411 vs

Pics of butterflies are

here (Facebook)

and other photos including people and plants,

here (Facebook)

Kannan's photos are on Flickr,