May 9th, 2011


A huge compliment on Mother's Day....

I forgot that krishnapriya's post was friends only, so, with her permission, I am reproducing her words...

"In the LJ world after having stayed for few years now, I've got connected to a lot of people online and offline. Some people have just vanished but I don't think it has created any big gap.
Put simply, there are no complicated ties.

"There is this person on LJ who is just more than a LJ friend. I have laughed a lot reading the person's posts, learnt quite a few things in the course of reading the posts regularly, always have felt very comfortable that there is someone that I can reach out to, a person who is very active, is filled with intelligence, care, responsibility, sensitivity and great humor.

"In every single work interview I had faced this question, "where do you see yourself in five years or ten years" (in another company :D where else? okay, jokes apart) If this question was posed to me in a personal situation, I would answer as, "I would see myself as a very evolved human being like this person".

"On the occasion of Mother's Day, I would like write a small note of thanks to DEPONTI for all the smiles & laughters she brought my way, for all the support and comfort she offered when it was required, for letting me understand various perceptions of life & people, for just being the wonderful person she is and for inspiring me to a hopeful future!


Why am I reproducing these words?

1. Makes me feel wonderful...yesterday something happened that made me feel down, so I really needed this :)

2. Whenever I feel down or useless, I will come back to these words.

3. I want to say that the internet, and LJ, have been wonderful places for me, contrary to all the horror stories I heard when I started blogging. Thank you to every one on my friends list on LJ, whether or not they are mothers! :)

I don't know when I will meet some of the people I like so much on LJ...but whether I do or not, they remain friends in the true sense of the word!

Bird Watchers' Field Club: 2nd Sunday Outing to Lalbagh: 080511

Sometimes one does not have to see many species of birds (or animals or insects) in order to feel very satisfied with a nature outing. And it is fun to meet up with so many like-minded people.

One of the unusual things about this outing was the fact that the people seemed to split up, spontaneously, into several groups, and I felt pulled in many directions. Should I go to the lake to see, and perhaps photograph, the Pheasant-tailed Jacanas? Should I go with Krishna and Subbu and listen to the always-new-to-me information that they impart about nature and Lalbagh? Should I go with the large group of people who have taken the NTP (Naturalists' Training Program run by Karthik for JLR)? Should I spend time with people whom I was meeting for the first time, renew my acquaintanceship with others whom I've met just once or twice, or spend time with old friends? Yes, I did manage to do most of what I wanted to do, but if anyone felt I was not spending time with them...I do apologize, it was really not what I wanted to do! I wanted to take Chandan around my beloved Lalbagh but wound up getting separated from him, too, and he apparently had breakfast at a restaurant much better than the usual Kamat :)

Well anyway...let me start with the usual "Lovely sunrise" picture:

sunrise lb 080511

It was also a day when I had six separate sightings of Shikras....very highly satisfying! Here's the female



and the male:

shikra male 080511

Collapse )

More photographs and a short account, are on my Facebook page; to see them,

click here

We wound up with a leisurely breakfast at Kamat's restaurant, and a viewing of Karthik's Assam photographs....and met another NTP member, Santosh Martin, and his lovely daughter, Sunayana, too.

A very satisfying outing to one of my favourite public parks in's the second Spotted Owlet saying "bye" to you until the next time I visit them!

spt wlt 2 080511 lb