May 19th, 2011


Spots...and stripes...

No, we didn't get that "apex of sightings" (according to the Artificial Heirarchy of Jungle Sightings, developed by wildlife tourists) stripes. But on two of the three safaris we went on, we spotted spots. Here's Panthera pardus, giving us a profile pose, nonchalantly:

lpd side lok 150511

Collapse )

Here's Mr Leo Pard giving us the "are YOU going or shall I?" look:

lpd fnt lk 150511

What I wrote to Ameen Ahmed, two years ago...

I just got a reply from Ameen Ahmed, who was very active on the wildlife front in the Tumkur area before he joined WWF (that's NOT the World Wrestling Federation.)...he said he'd drafted a reply to me but suddenly spotted it only now!

I'd written:

"The fact that you are moving to Delhi is what moved me to write.
> Better, and more experienced, people than I am, will appreciate the work that
> you have done in Tumkur.
> I do hope that it is a great step forward that is taking you to Delhi; I
> wish you success, but more than that, happiness, and peace of mind. And I
> hope you continue your endeavours for the environment and wildlife, wherever
> you are, as you have done here.
> There are hundreds of ordinary people like me who have deeply appreciated
> the work that you have put in, which must have been often hard, frustrating,
> thankless and sometimes it must have felt hopeless too. But I think, that in
> Tumkur, you have made a difference."

Ameen says that these two years have been a great learning experience for him. Wish you the best, Ameen, our wildlife scenario is better off when we have people like you working hard!

My next post will probably be from St.Louis; no power throughout the afternoon ensured that I could not upload photos and post about the Kabini trip as I meant to. Adios, folks, talk to you from Sloo....