June 10th, 2011


Out in the morning....090611

Since the days are so hot, and there is no relief, the only thing I can do is to go for my walk very early in the morning; I leave at 5.30am. This morning, I also thought I'd look in at the Mink Hole, as Danny calls the waterfall area. So it was a two-hour walk.

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At the Mink Hole, I loved the moving waves of light that were reflected on the rocks from the creek, and got this short video:

Forest Park is very beautiful, I ony wish the weather would improve enough to let me walk throughout the day as I am used to doing!

I just checked the weather and it is 32 deg C in St.Louis, and ....23 deg C in Bangalore, with cool, cloudy weather! AAAARGGGHHHH!