June 11th, 2011


N L Naryanan, 1921-2011

N L Narayanan, or N Lakshminarayanan, to give him his full name, was my uncle....to be precise, my mother's younger sister's husband. He was known to the family as "Ambi" (a dimunitive of "thambi" or younger brother, being, as he was, the youngest of three sons). (My own father, in another Thanjavur variation of this nickname, was "Ambu"....though he was the eldest child!)

(Taken when DnA visited with KTB, July 2010)

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Why am I moved to write in detail about him, when I have never even written about my own father? I don't really know...perhaps, sitting here in St.Louis, I have the time and the inclination, too....I hardly ever look back in my life, but this is one occasion that I am doing so.

chitthappA....I know you loved us, and both KM and I loved you a lot. I'm glad we always made it a point to come and visit you whenever we were in Chennai, no matter how briefly...and that I would always call when Semmangudi sang on Arangisai on Madras "A" on All India Radio.....my dearest Ambi chitthappa....rest in peace, and I hope you are with your beloved Sharada, again, now, for all eternity.