August 9th, 2011


Ragihalli, 070811

Since I realized that the chosen destination for Rathika Ramaswamy's workshop field trip (Jaipurdoddi) was unsafe, as a tusker had been sighted there, I suggested that they join us at one of my favourite places...Ragihalli, both the sheet rock area, and the koLA (pond)...the second being a destination that not many people seem to know about.

Though the bird count was low, it was an extremely enjoyable morning. Here's the sign for the State Forest...the notification date is 10 April 1884...127 years ago!

rghli stt frest 070811

Here's the group I went with, at the sheet rock. Rohit has turned me, in Chandu's words, into a Four-Horned De-Pontilope!

our group 070811

Here are some of the things that I captured on camera...I was trying out the macro on the S30, the present MLC.

Collapse )

And here I am, snapped by Rathika Ramaswamy:

dm ragihalli 070811 Rathika

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Bomb Threat in downtown St.Louis, 080811

Yesterday, near the downtown area (very close to the Gateway Arch) where A works, someone spotted a small strolley, and it was treated as a bomb threat. (A took the two photographs from her office window.)

Here's the strolley, isolated by police tape:

bmb stcs 080811 stl

She said that a robot, just like the one I'd photographed and taken this video of in 2009 (this was part of a police-meets-the-public program at the Loop)

Was used to investigate the suitcase.

But a protective-suit-clad bomb expert investigated the bag...

bmb thrt stl 080811

I can only imagine how stressful and dangerous such a job must be...never knowing what it is that one is going to approach, laying one's life on the line each time....

Finally, the bag was opened...and, A says, they found toothpaste and underwear inside!

Here's D's comment on who might have left that bag:

"A disgruntled citizen, no doubt, who is annoyed at having any tax dollars (that they may or may not have paid) going towards "wasteful" projects. Well, what a waste if a bomb were actually to blow up the bridge... how many more tax dollars would be spent repairing that? But, I digress. It's just one theory. Another one is that somewhere there is a person trying to check their bag at the airport before getting on a plane and thinking, "hey, where's my suitcase?? Oh... shit!!!" And he might just be lucky enough to see one of the terminal TVs showing CNN, showing live coverage of a bomb squad blowing up his suitcase."

That's hilarious...but the next bomb threat may not be so....the Bomb Squad can never afford to relax.


Off to


NOT looking forward to the heat after the lovely cloudy coolth of Bangalore! But going to enjoy the temple visits...and the

Shashti Abdha Poorthi

celebrations of my cousin, which is what I am going to attend. There's going to be yummmm food...!

for a day, back on Thursday.....meanwhile, I can't comment on any LJ post yet... :(