August 15th, 2011


Thoughts on Independence Day

Celebrating one's patriotism is not a matter of flying the flag on one also means not littering, not breaking the rules, being polite and helpful to other Indians...EVERY day. Pride in one's country should be a daily state of mind, not an occasional token statement. That minute of pride in the billowing Tiranga should extend into a lifetime of doing one's best for one's country.

Four Blue Mormons....

In Gudavi,at Vinutha's home stay, we were thrilled to get this lovely sight of four Blue Mormons, fluttering together:

I wish I could have photographed all the butterflies we saw, but this was one of the best...and I'm glad I got a video!

I'll be posting photographs on my Facebook albums soon. LJ continues to be very capricious. I was able to comment on ONE LJ friend's post today before it siezed up again, and I started getting spam comments...

Rohit Girotra, this one's for you :)