August 19th, 2011


World Photography Day

I must have taken hundreds of photographs, but would like to share this image that a friend sent me, with all of you, for World Photography Day....

dove with bbs 190811

These good wishes come to you from

dm ragihalli 070811 Rathika

(pic: Rathika Ramaswamy)

Well, must include one of my pics here,'s my latest favourite, taken when I was in Trichy. In the burning heat of the noonday sun, I was able to catch the actual "Surya Prabha"...the halo of the sun....

surya's halo 100811

Happy clicking, everyone! I recently read some snotty post about how you are not a photographer if you have a camera...but I don't agree. Anyone like me can also be a photographer...if you have a camera, keep clicking and sharing!