August 20th, 2011


Migraine Auras, and Scintillating Scotomata

For more than a year or two, I have, at random times, had the experience of a brightly pulsating, geometric-design spiral "unfurl" within my vision field....

So, when it happened a couple of days ago, I suddenly decided to see if I could read up about it (Prashanth Nuggehalli Srinivas' FB comment that "Everything is just a Google away" stuck in my mind!), and I found


is what it was.

However, in my case, migraine headaches don't always seem to follow the scotoma event (though this time, I did get a migraine yesterday, about 24 hours after the scotoma, which made me terribly nauseous and tired after the migraine attack was over) so I guess I seem to have

acephalgic migraine

most of the time...

The scintillating scotoma is rather a spectacular display, I must say...

click here

and in that, if you see the illustration of the spiral geometricscotoma, over the title, "Entry to art contest, Migraine Images, 1991" ...that's almost precisely what I see, unfurling and expanding across my vision.

Here's an almos precise description of what I experience, from the webpage above:

Collapse )

I can't decide whether I can just leave this alone..and probably try for better sleep (which is a notorious problem for me) or whether I should go to a neurologist ...I've already checked out with an eye doctor, who's reassured me that it's nothing to do with my vision.)

However, the point I want to make is...if any of you have something unusual like this happening to you...don't, as I did, take it too casually (I thought it was something like the usual "threads" that one sees in the field of one's vision.)...Get it checked out. It may (like in my case) be nothing very serious...but if it is, you can get treated quickly. I'm glad this turned out to be not a big deal!

Memories of Forest Park...

Am off to Kalkere State Forest for the 3rd Sunday nature trail in a few hours,but meanwhile, was thinking of the many happy hours I've spent in Forest Park, St.Louis....

fp 190611

I do miss that wonderful park, with its wilderness, its museums, its lovely Zoo, and the many events it sees...and the devoted volunteers of Forest Park Forever, who have made a thing of beauty out of what was a stinky, stagnant river....I wish Chennai would base the recovery of the Adayar and the Cooum on the model of Des Peres River.