October 6th, 2011


Fowl Play....

I had decided that I would not go any nature trails this morning (Vijayadashami Day) as it was a holiday...but since KM suddenly announced that he was going for golf, I decided to join Rohit Girotra and visit Valley School.

I'll be putting up the pictures of the birds and butterflies (and the occasional dragonfly!) on Facebook, but want to share a funny incident...

As soon as we started up the path, we found our usual escorts waiting..this time, it was two dogs. They always follow us, or go ahead...but are generally around for as long as our trail lasts.

While I was looking at the profusion of Coppersmith Barbets and Red-whiskered and Red-vented Bulbuls in the fruiting Ficus tree...a delight to watch....there was a commotion, and I realized that the dogs had attacked some bird, which I could see flying up, in an ungainly fashion, into the tree. I levelled my binoculars and exclaimed...it was a

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As a bonus for patiently reading this post.....here's what our morning opened with....a


singing on top of a tree!

An interesting incident in a lovely morning of birding and "buttering"....