November 16th, 2011


Fun with Fur

Do I sound like one of those "Carry off the elite evening with this excellent sable coat" fashion types? Sorry, because the fun that I have with fur is in capturing it, not for putting it on, but on the original mammal!

We walked around in a small village called Buranskhand, where we took a nice chai break on our drive to Dhanaulti.

Buranskhand...the name itself carries a story, I realized, when I saw a notice saying, "Fresh rhododendron juice available here" (the shop was shut, alas, I couldn't try it) and the Hindi version said, "yehAn tAzA burAns kA ras milthA hai". So I realized that "burans" is the Hindi word for Rhododendron, and "Buranskhand" means, "Area of the Rhododendrons".

Well, anyway....I looked up the slope and found this beautiful


sitting there:

L 30D Dhnlti 291011 far away hnmn lngr

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Here's the wiki about the Hanuman or Gray Langur

The fur of the Gray Langur (indeed, of any Langur) seems tailor-made for photography. Whether back-lit or side-lit, the texture of the fur is a delight to capture! So...that was the "fun with the fur" that I's the last shot of this sage-looking animal, which seemed to quite like the idea of having a portfolio done!

L 30D Dhnlti 291011 hnmn lngr face

It says a lot for how human it is, that when I uploaded the pictures to Facebook, I got the usual "tag your friends" on all the photos, asking, "Who is this?" :)))))

Feathers between Dehra Dun and Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand,291011

Firstly, I must mention that going by all the signboards in this small town, we were visiting....U.K., which is the way the state, Uttara Khand (northern area) is referred to. Well....

This is dedicated to my dear friend


unfailingly helpful in my stumbling, forgetful path of birding....


is the wiki about the town of Dhanaulti...but the following photographs were all taken on the drive to, and from, Dhanaulti and Dehra Dun.

One of the most common birds was the


hmlyn blbl L dhnlti 303 291011

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But my favourite was that great beauty of the sub-Himalayan crags, the


mtn hw egl  up L dhnlti 303 291011

I'll say bye for now with one more shot of this majestic bird:

mtn hw egl side L dhnlti 303 291011