December 30th, 2011


Trip to Manchanabele Reservoir, 291211

It's been quite a hectic time, as I've been doing some amount of volunteering and some amount of for-me nature trails, too. Last Sunday, 18 (yes!) of us went to


as several people in the UGS (Usual Gang of Suspects, our group of friends who like to go for nature trails), and had a wonderful time, that included an awesome sunset.

The pictures of the birds are on my FB album


the scenery and general photographs are


and that technicolour sunset is


On Saturday last, I took 15 children from Sindhi School, Malleswaram, to the Bannerghatta forest (zoo area) and the pictures from that are


On Thursday, just 5 of us (it's a working day for many, and this time, the children didn't want to come) went to

Manchanabele Dam and Reservoir

All these were wonderful outings...and let me just show you a few sights from yesterday's outing...

This is what the sky looked like just before sunrise....

snrise  L mnchnble 291211

And this


was one of the delightful little birds around...

L slvrbill 291211 mnchnble

Collapse )

I completely enjoyed the sight of this


apparently visiting us to sit on the car!

L bscht on car 291211 mnchnble

Hope you can see my photographs of the other trips, too...