June 3rd, 2012


Creatures of Flight!

I had a wonderful morning, as great as any nature trail in my beloved Bannerghatta forest....in Forest Park, it was the monthly birding outing of the Audubon Society and Forest Park Forever. By now, many of the group are well-known to me, and since I call my Bangalore nature group UGS (Usual Gang of Suspects)...I feel I can call this group US (US Group!).

Pics and videos will be up shortly....

But the highlight of the day was that DnA took flying lessons! D went with the instructor in a Cessna 152, and A in a Cessna 172, which is also called a Sky Hawk (that's a 4-seater, so guess who went along for the ride for an extra payment...the FOOL who forgot her camera battery at home...and used the other two pocket cameras instead!) KTB had a whale of a time, though she firmly decided she didn't want to fly the plane (she didn't go up with us.)

The joke was, as soon as we neared the St.Charles airport and she saw the planes, she asked, "Are we going to India?"

Pics and videos will be up shortly....

...and so, what might have been, but wasn't, my 36th wedding anniversary, turned out to be a very pleasant, enjoyable day, rather than a sad, mopey might-have-been blues one.

Polyglot English...my prediction

My friend Saritha Rai writes in the New York Times:

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The first comment is wonderful, and, I suspect, written deliberately in pigdin English to underscore the commenter's point!

My response to this:

Languages evolve, and routinely, some disappear. Where is Pali? Hebrew? or any of the other tongues that we do not even know of? People communicated with each other through whistling across the hillsides, I learnt once.

I feel that English itself is evolving into a series of local dialects; as it is now, we can hardly understand the language as spoken in Fiji, or Singapore, or South Africa...or for that matter, the English between, say, Punjab and Tamil Nadu varies so widely.

So...I feel that instead of a polyglot Babel, we will have polyglot English....and since I am not going to be around to find out....I am OK with the process of evolution! How else would you and I communicate, dear reader, when some of you speak Swedish, Punjabi, French, and other languages I don't even know of?