July 9th, 2012


Following the dentists' instructions....

The dentist (or either parent) has apparently told her that she must brush her teeth after dinner, but she's upgraded that to DURING:

brush teeth 050712

Very soon, I expect that instead of using a fork or a spoon, she'll be using specially adapted "broons" or "brorks".... she was alternating between brushing and eating her broccoli, as it was getting stuck in her teeth!

Adult and baby....

I've seen many


in Forest Park....

green heron 050611 fp

but yesterday, on the monthly Forest Park Forever/Audubon Society bird walk, we found, right next to the Visitors' Center, a nest of the Green Heron, with three fledglings. Here's one, a little closer:

een heron nestlings 050712 fp

For more photos of the morning's outing on my FB album,

click here

and you will see more, including wasps from Asia!