November 14th, 2012



I often post photographs in Facebook under the album, "Votzit"...and I ask friends to identify what's been photographed. Since I loved the colours in my latest set, I am posting the set here, and I think you will not find it too difficult to find out the answer!

141112 rnd glas 3

141112 rnd glas 2

round glass 141112

I just *loved* the deep,rich colours....!

Spam on LJ....

On the advice of pondhopper, I tried using CAPTCHA, and that seems to have brought out the spambots in a perfect frenzy. I am inundated with spam...I am at my wits' end about what to do. Repeated requests to the LJ admin hasn't worked, either. The day is not far off when I will have to leave LJ...what's the point of my going on posting stuff, and then deleting spam from my email inbox? I want to comment on others' posts, have conversations, debates and' no fun standing on a wall and shouting into empty space!

At least I am able to *read* others' posts, that's a mercy...