December 12th, 2012


Rest, Ever rest, and Everest...

Deepak Edwin, one of my FB friends, asked, "Do you ever rest?" The answer is....

Everest is the name of a mountain
For me, an unscaled peak.
I toil along in the foothills
With the ills and with the thrills.
Only I'm dead, I'll be blest
With eternal Ever-rest!
So as long as I draw breath
I'll be up and doing, and only death
Can still my heart in my chest
And give me my Ever-rest.

And Deepak, here IS Everest...


As I photographed His Majesty, on 271112! I say "His Majesty" but in Tibet, She is known as Sagar Mata....

A beautiful ghazal

A ghazal is, technically, Urdu poetry. But Hindi is very close to Urdu, and some of the most beautiful ghazals are from Hindi movies.

Here's one of the most delicate ghazals I know. What a difference between these scenes, where all the hero can see of the heroine at the time of the first time of meeting is her eyes, and just now, during the song, he can see her at a distance...and the all-skin-leave-nothing-to-the-imagination love scenes I watch nowadays. Love, I think, is as powerful clothed as naked....

(मेरे महबूब तुझे मेरी मुहब्बत की क़सम)-२
My love, I swear by my love
फिर मुझे नरगिसी आँखों का सहारा दे दे
Again, give me the aid of those beautiful eyes

मेरा खोया हुआ रंगीन नज़ारा दे दे,
Give me back my lost colourful vistas

मेरे महबूब तुझे...

अए मेरे ख्वाब की ताबीर, मेरे जान-ए-ग़ज़ल,
O, stuff of my dreams, the life of my ghazal
ज़िन्दगी मेरी तुझे याद किये जाती है
My life just goes on remembering you
रात दिन मुझको सताता है तस्सवूर तेरा
I am oppresed, night and day, by your memories
दिल की धडकन तुझे आवाज़ दिए जाती है
My heartbeats call you
आ मुझे अपनी सदाओं का सहारा दे दे
Come, give me the aid of your songs
मेरा खोया.....

भूल सकती नहीं आँखें वो सुहाना मंज़र
I cannot forget that wonderful meeting of the eyes
जब तेरा हुस्न मेरे इश्क़ से टकराया था
When you smile stumbled upon my love
और फिर राह में बिखरे थे हज़ारोँ नग़में
And then, there were thousands of poem scattered on the path
मैं वो नग़में तेरी आवाज़ को दे आया था
I'd dedicated those poems to your voice
साज़-ए-दिल को उन्हीं गीतों का सहारा दे दे
Give the musical instrument, that is my heart, the aid of those songs
मेरा खोया....

याद है मुझको मेरी उम्र की पहली वो घड़ी
I rememer the first hour of my life
तेरी आँखों से कोई जाम पिया था मैने
I had drunk some intoxicant from your eyes
मेरी रग रग में कोई बर्क़ सी लहराई थी
Every pore of mine was filled with a wave of electricity
जब तेरे मरमरी हाथों को छुआ था मैने
When I touched your marble-white hands
आ मुझे फिर उन्हीं हाथों का सहारा दे दे
Come, give me again the aid of those hands
मेरा खोया ....

मैने इक बार तेरी एक झलक देखी है
I've seen a glimpse of you once
मेरी हसरत है के मैं फिर तेरा दीदार करूँ
My wish is that I appreciate you once more
तेरे साए को समझ कर मैं हंसीं ताजमहल
That I think of you shadow as a smiling Taj Mahal
चाँदनी रात में नज़रों से तुझे प्यार करूँ
And, in the moonlit right, I love you with my eyes
अपनी महकी हुई ज़ुल्फ़ों का सहारा दे दे
Give me the aid of your shining tresses
मेरा खोया....

ढूँढता हूँ तुझे हर राह में हर महफ़िल में
I hunt for you in every path, in every assembly
थक गये हैं मेरी मजबूर तमन्ना के कदम
My steps of hard-pressed need are tired
आज का दिन मेरी उम्मीद का है आखरी दिन
Today is the last day of my hope
कल न जाने मैं कहाँ और कहाँ तू हो सनम
Tomorrow, who knows where you, and I, will be
दो घड़ी अपनी निगाहों का सहारा दे दे
For a short while, give me the aid of your looks
मेरा खोया .....

सामने आ के ज़रा पर्दा उठा दे रुख़ से
Come before me, and raise the purdah from your face
इक यही मेरा इलाज-ए-ग़म-ए-तन्हाई है
This is the only treatment for my trouble of loneliness
तेरी फ़ुरक़त ने परेशान किया है मुझको
Your memories have oppressed me
अब तो मिल जा के मेरी जान पे बन आई है
Now, having met, my life goes out to you
दिल को भूली हुई यादों का सहारा दे दे
Give me the aid of the forgotten memories of the heart
मेरा खोया .....

A long song...but one of my great favourites :)