December 24th, 2012


4th Sunday outing of BWFC: Muthanallur Kere, 231212

Hi, everyone

After a very long gap, I was able to go for the 4th Sunday outing to the Sarjapura area,thanks to Suneel's very kindly offering to pick up my friend Ravi Srinivasan (from Chennai) and myself.

However, co-ordinating with multiple members and multiple meeting points caused a lot of delay and instead of depending on the correct directions that Shishir had given, we made the mistake of asking the locals, and this delayed us even further! When we finally reached Muthanallur kere, we were never able to meet up with the main group, and we wandered around the lake bed and the banks on our own. The mist also played its part...

231212 bwfc 4th sun srjpura mist

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I have put up photos from my Mary's Lamb camera (Sony HX200) on an FB album, at

Please, if I have made wrong id's, feel free to correct them!

Cheers, and with heartfelt good wishes for the festive (and holiday!) season ahead...