January 5th, 2013


The Tiger comes to town....Bangalore Fort, 22 and 231212

I'd been to attend a multi-media event at the Bangalore Fort.

221212 blr ft s windows

It was wonderful to see the Fort beautifully illuminated inside...

221212 blr ft sculpture

At the entrance was the famous Ganesha temple, with the Ghandaberunda motif which was the insignia of the Wodeyar dynasty, too:

221212 blr ft  ghandaberunda

An excellent play on Tipu's life was staged:

221212 blr ft  play 1

The cast took their bows later:

221212 blr ft  play 2

There were also Shadow Play sessions by volunteers:

151212  shadow play

Several others were clicking, too!

151212 fort lights

The legend of Tipu the Tiger (and Tipu the Tiger-slayer) lives on, even in the windshields of local buses...

tipu bus  151212

My photos of the Fort area are on my FB album,

click here to see them

It takes me SUCH a long time to be able to get to the LJ page and post... :((((((

Valley School, 050113, Saturday

My first birding outing of 2013....

050113 vs sunrise

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Here are my SMS (Shamelessly Mediocre Shots) at


Here's everyone except Ganesh, heads down, checking their shots, this is called "chimping"!

chimping 050113 vs

Tomorrow, by popular vote...back to the Bannerghatta Zoo area...everyone who sees this in time, and would like to come along, is welcome! Departure from Shoppers' Stop at 6 am.

A wonderful short video from a friend ....

Ravi Srinivasan has been my friend for a while now, but he had no way of knowing that I knew Karaikudi Mani well for a long time, before losing touch; he did not know that he was my late brother's mAnasIka (mentally accepted as ) guru....and yet, he chose a composition by him, performed by the string quarter...and he chose my photographs for the visual part!

I am deeply honoured...and yes, Ravi, the rAgam IS behAg....