March 23rd, 2013


P N Krishnaswamy, 1917-2004

Recently, KP (that's Kalyan Mohan Shaffer) seemed to look exactly, I said in an email, "like PiNK Mama"

To this, my sambandhi asked, "Who's PiNK Mama?"...and that brought about this post...

PiNK "Mama" (uncle) is P N Krishnaswamy, Mohan's dad, whose initial, K, contributes the K in K. Mohan :)

I first met my father-in-law to be when he came to "see" me at the Official Bride Inspection. Over the decades, I came to know and respect him a lot.

Collapse ) many stories and incidents crowd my mind...but this will have to do..."Appa", or "PiNK Mama" as he was fondly's my loving salute to you! (Er, I was his favourite daughter-in-law, not because of any inherent goodness in me, but because I was at home, and willing to listen to lots of his anecdotes!)