May 5th, 2013


040513: Ist Saturday Bird Walk, Forest Park Forever/St.Louis Audubon Society. Kennedy Forest

Today's Forest Park Forever/Audubon Society first Saturday bird walk was very rewarding for me. It was great to walk with experienced birders; I saw a variety of Warblers that would otherwise have been Anonymous Brown Jobs!

I walked from home to the Kennedy Forest; on the way, at the golf course, this


opened my birding account (apart from the Mockingbirds, the Robins, the waterfowl, and the Grackles, that is!)

Song Sparrow 040513 fp photo DSC06066.jpg

A "showy"


fished hopefully in Des Perek creek:

Snwy Egret 040513 fp photo DSC06069.jpg

Collapse )

Here's the group, peering into the trees at all the Parulas, Vireos, and Warblers identified for us:

birders 040513 fp photo DSC06085.jpg

A big thank you to Ruth Hartsell, who gave me quite a welcome ride home..this meant I was able to catch A and KTB and go swimming with them, too, rounding off a perfect morning!