June 2nd, 2013


There's a way of conveying things...

Instead of waxing eloquent and wasting words, some people have a great knack of conveying what they want to say, with great style.

We've been having huge debates about photographers who find the need to protect their images with watermarks, which sometimes disfigure the images themselves...my talented friend

Rohan Chakravarthy j

said it all, with just one photograph:

rhn chak watermk 020613 photo aaatuniwtrmk_zpsd51e47ee.jpg

I can't stop laughing!

Do go and see his blog; I promise you'll enjoy it very much!

Unexpected colour....

Milk...is white...and the job of feeding it to a baby every day (and the other care associated with it) can be bland and boring.

But when you least expect it, like a baby's toothless smile, or the sight of two fat legs kicking when I am changing the nappies....colour hits me.


I was washing up, and the film of soap looked so wonderful....I ran for the camera (which is generally on the counter top!) and as I'd hoped, the film had not yet broken..

A moment of delight! Happiness is made of tiny moment such as these...