July 2nd, 2013


I stand alone....


What do you do when you come across
A traffic-light of a plant?
To stop, or further to thrive and grow...
What does the plant really want?
I passed this plant,
My eyes went pop...
The rest of it was green,
But this leaf made me stop!
Sometimes,one can be just a leaf
Amongst many others, several hundred...
And yet, quietly show how one can
Be different...by being red!

Delmar Blvd, U City, St. Louis, 010713.This was a small plant in a bed of grass on the pavement as I walked along.

The strange things that happen to me...

I decided to see the first show of "Shrek"..the musical, based on the movie...at the Muny.


Here's a song from the musical, which I took from Youtube...

Having gone late (I missed the Muny trolley from De Baliviere as well) , I was sitting in the back row, as usual, but the children in front of me kept standing up. I didn't want to tell them to sit down, they were enjoying themselves so much. So I got up and was standing behind the back row. An usher politely told me I had to sit down, and found another place for me. After sitting down, I realized the big Muny fan was blocking my view. So at the break, I went to the toilet (long pee queue) and then came back and sat in my original seat.

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Life is so strange! What were the odds of my meeting that man again? It was sheer chance that I decided to walk down Union and turned at Delmar...and that he happened to be passing at the same time, and also, recognized me. All's well that ends well...looking forward to our family trip to Washington, D C, tomorrow...I hope the fireworks are great on the 4th of July!