July 15th, 2013


The princess...and the prisoner

It's Sunday morning, and our little Pink Princess has come downstairs, decked in her tiara, two pearl necklaces...


She also is a train that runs up and down the front porch while a brefus of fried eggs is being made:


Meanwhile, our little victim is trying his best to escape from his Gulag:


Being able to turn over since last week is the first step in his getaway plans.


I'm off to visit Cahokia Mounds, now, and leaving this chaos behind for a while!

The American-Indian flautist, Cahokia Mounds, 140713

I went to Cahokia Mounds yesterday, with my friend, Ruth Hartsell, who is very kind-hearted and takes me to all sorts of interesting places! In so many years of visiting St.Louis, I'd never been to this World Heritage Site. It was well worth the visit, but I'm writing about an exhibition of native American (Indian is politically incorrect word now?) art and craft there, and I talked to this musician, who had several flutes for sale, made from Cedar and other woods...


Here's a short video; he played the flute at my request:

And just to delight you...here are his children, who are obviously four feet tall and having a lot of fun!