July 16th, 2013


The Bundle

A head of fuzzy hair
With a Mohawk,
And a long Dennis-the-Menace cowlick.
Silky, satiny, velvety skin.
The most amazing, almond-shaped eyes
That look at me with utter innocence.
Pudgy little arms that fly up
In an arc, when disturbed.
The chubby cheeks of one who has
Only food custom-made for him,
By his mother..and Mother Nature.
Dimples everywhere...
On his knuckles, his cheeks, his chin,
His knees, his toes...and his hips.
Fatly little legs, and strong thighs
That kick strongly.
A rosebud mouth, a toothless smile.
A round "O" of anger and a demand
For instant attention.
Little dumpling turnovers,
Rolling along the floor.
Drool, and often spitups,
All over his round face.
Happy cooing, like a pigeon.
High-pitched whistling that seems
To go beyond human hearing.
Pees too often, poops
Not often enough.
This, then, is the bundle
That my grandson is.
Oh...I forgot to mention:
Wrapped around his tiny little finger
Is my heart, and those of his family.
Can someone who cannot speak,
Cannot walk...be so vitally important
When we lived without him for many years?
Yes...he can...and he is.

Birding at Cahokia Mounds, Missouri, 140713

Letter to MOBirds mailing list:

My kind-hearted friend Ruth Hartsell (whom I met on an Auduon Society bird walk!) took me to see Cahokia Mounds. Of course I looked up the website, but yet did not realize that it's a great spot for birding! In between being amazed at an ancient civilization, and its wonderful societal heirarchy, I was also delighted to see several birds. Some of them were new to me, and I did miss having someone more experienced with me; but for the most part, they were known friends, from the Turkey Vulture that soared overhead, to the delightful Eastern Bluebirds that flitted to and fro.



The beginning, of course, was the pleasant surprise when I saw the home of the Purple Martins in the parking lot.


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I can share the access with anyone who'd like to see them. They are also on FaceBook (public album)...

click here

Sorry about the irreverence... I assure you, I take my birding seriously, but when one is at my level of ignorance, one can only indulge in levity!

My heartfelt thanks to Ruth, who takes me out to all these interesting places.