November 18th, 2013


Found a new, simple recording site...

I will no longer be able to record at Muziboo, the site when I had an account and where I had recorded some songs. So I recorded this small song for KTB at Vocaroo:

Record music and voice >>

The words are:

Saraswati charaNam
sakala varamum thantharuLuvAy (S)

thAyum nIyE thanthaiyum nIyE
sarva jeeva dayA nidhiyE
uyirum nIye udalum nIye
uyarntha uyarntha umbar dEviyE (S)

ambikai manOhariyE Adi shakthi nIyandrO
nambinOrai kAkkum nalla nAyakiyum nIyandrO
(thAyum nIye….till end)

This was my mother's school prayer song...probably in the 1930's!

I also recorded a few slokA for the children, here:

Record music and voice >>

These are KTB's most-listened-to favourites

Update, I've added the Aaraaro lullaby on 201113:

Audio recording and upload >>

I didn't realize there was so much ambient noise that the mike would pick up...will record it again later.

The Shieldtail...again, 161113

Some time ago, in Bannerghatta, I'd sighted the


which I'd posted about


On Saturday evening, I went to Nandi Hills with Naveen Toppo, his wife (and super bird-spotter) Pinky, and Sharmila Abdulpurkar. Walking along the path near Nehru Nilaya, we found some young men gently nudging something from the middle of the road on to the side, so that it would not be trodden or run over.

We went to investigate, and I found that it was, indeed, a Shieldtail.


The snake moved into some fallen leaves, and put its head into the soil. Ostrich-like, it felt that it was adequately covered, and stopped moving. (So there was no point in taking a video!)

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Here's a closer look at this not-commonly-found, amazing creation of Nature:


(You can clearly see the "shield tail" in this photo.)

We left the Shieldtail to the hills and the rainy evening, and came home, marvelling at the wonderful beings that populate our Earth.

My contribution to Missouri birding

Here's an email from Edge Wade of Missouri Birds:

Hi Deepa,

I've delayed writing you, waiting until your Forest Park Birders' Guide appears online. It is now on the ASM site


and will appear in the December Bluebird. Thank you for this, and for your contributions to Missouri birding.


Edge Wade


Feeling very happy!

3rd Sunday Outing, Shivanahalli, 171113

An email to the egroup of the Bird Watchers' Field Club:

It was a cloudy, overcast morning as we all set out for the 3rd Sunday outing to Shivanahalli, organized by Geetanjali and Subir Dhar. But, as if to reward us for our diligence, the rainclouds slowly broke up, and we did have some superb weather for our trek across the slopes of the Bannerghatta forest area, behind the Ramakrishna Ashram.

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For my FB album about the trail, look