February 8th, 2014


Some bird behaviour, Nandi Hills, 070214

Our visit to Nandi Hills provided me a great opportunity to watch several birds' behaviour. I found that several birds, such as the Orange-throated Thrush, or this


forage amongst the dead leaves, turning them over to get at the insects:

Birds such as the


are more shy and keep to the tree canopy:

Other birds forage along the pathways. I'd never previously seen a


do the same thing. He only flew away when some visitors approached too close, and was not disturbed by our prescence at all.

It's wonderful to be able to spend a little time, watching these beauties and not have to rush off. so..it was a productive, enjoyable morning at Nandi Hills.

How Airtel "helped" me...

Since yesterday, the internet on my mobie has not been working. Several calls to tech help etc did not help. I am doing a night bus journey tonight, going to Manipal, and returning by night tomorrow. I thought I ought to get the problem rectified.

So on the way back this evening, from a church wedding, I went to the Airtel office, reaching at 6pm. They said the SIM card was "damaged" (apparently they gave me a cut card instead of a proper microSIM) . The guy said they would give me a new SIM, and when the new SIM activated, it would deactivate the old SIM. I told him that I didn't want to be changing micro SIM cards on a running night bus, and told him I'd come back on Monday. This was 6.45pm.

I came home and at 7.30pm when I decided to call my friend Prabhakar, at Manipal, and tell him I was leaving, I found to my horror that the SIM had been deactivated,and I could not make any calls...not even the "emergency" ones that are supposed to be allowed. Tomorrow is Sunday, so there is no way my SIM will be activated (assuming it can be.)

The IDIOTS. Now I have borrowed my friend My3's phone..one that I am not familiar with. I will get my internet and mobile connection god knows when on Monday. Thanks to that fellow's ineptitude, I am totally disconnected, with two night bus journeys to do alone. Thank goodness, My3 was nice enough to lend me her phone.

I am very angry...but I can do nothing.

I am on BSNL dongle on my laptop in the bus now..it's working very well. But I want to murder that guy at Airtel, who could at least have given me the new SIM....