May 27th, 2014


The flowers of my life, and my hope for travel....

My daughter just posted this on I cannot resist sharing the flowers that fill my life with beauty, colour, fragrance and sometimes a lot of peskiness...

kk 260514

I went through a fairly thorough personal interview at the Swedish embassy about my proposed (and already paid for!) visit...and I told the lady about idahoswede, kejn, pondhopper and prashanthchengi...she even took down everyone's LJ id's....and how I hope to meet all of you in Sweden.

I am not sure I did right in saying that my plans for travelling in the Schengen area are a little fluid. But that's the way it's votIsed.

Oh well...hope to meet all of you....I may not be able to see your LJ's all the time or comment...but you lot are true friends and you are one of the main reason why I am visiting (or trying to visit) Sweden!

Also add Deepak and Sumana Vastare (who live in Goteborg with their 7-month-old son Advik) to the list....

Can't type too well because I have my fingers crossed, and my eyes, too! The decision will be made, and the yes or no stamped on my passport, which I can collect from the Embassy tomorrow, at 3pm...

Volunteer Training Program(VTP) , Kudremukh, Day 1-180514 (Sunday)

We (the budding volunteers of the VTP) reached Kalasa in the pre-dawn light:


The promised pickup did not materialize, so we decided to take a local bus that would go past the Bhagavathi Nature Camp (BNC):


Collapse )

I've heard of the Smokey Mountains in the US and visited them, but this was right here, as the clouds rose from the valley:


The first day was all about introducing ourselves and settling in. Read my short account of the sessions


To see photos of the first day of the program,

click here