August 25th, 2014


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When I say my grandson is de-lightful, I mean it!

After this, he started figuring out how to open the front door, and make good his escape...

And here's KTB,singing a very old movie song:

The original, with the horrific images of the man of the house beating up his wife and kid, here:

I've not taught Boodi Ma the 2nd stanza, talking about how the father, after his bout of anger, will call the child..I am deeply disturbed by the culture that this song shows.

The Booda is not yet very verbal, so his singing videos will have to wait...

KTB: Art and writing, August 2014

Boodi Ma's writing and art are progressing very well, now that she's started kindergarten.


Here's the cover illustration of a book I read to her (she read out many of the words, too):


Here's her first version of the picture:


Collapse )

Here's one OF her, by her daycare friend Eva:


and here's one she made at her school,


last week:


Developing fine motor skills make us happy, and grateful....