September 27th, 2014


Scrap of life, 160914

It's amazing to see what tiny scraps of feathers have song, and life, in them. Sitting on a twig, with his ratty little tail,this little bird still called loud enough to get my ear.


I clicked him, and got a few more "Cheep" thrills, before he flew off into the wide world of Nature, where he belongs.


Song Sparrow, Forest Park, 160914.

Experiments with light, 190914, Forest Park

I went and met Danny Brown in Forest Park, and spent a contented morning. There were no new birds, but I was trying out shots in different light settings.

The early morning sunshine was something I had to get from Danny's running car:


The rising sun on the Cooper's Hawk gave me another opportunity to shoot against the sun:


Collapse )


I may not be producing earth-shaking shots, but I'm quite happy with my experiments with light at various times of the day.