January 14th, 2015


Chikkala Siddappa Jaatre, 06 and 070114

We went to the Cauvery Wild Life Sanctuary (CWLS) for a volunteer initiative...crowd management at the Chikkala Siddappa Jaatre (pilgrimmage). This is the largest jaatre in the Cauvery Wild Life Sanctuary (CWLS).



The relationship between a wildlife volunteer and the forests is like that between Anjaneya and his God, Rama:


Collapse )

Let me close with this beautiful little


that was nectaring in the bushes!



No one...

No one hunts for a job any more. They explore options.
No one does a job anymore. They work in spaces.
No one is creative anymore. They think out of the box.
No one is a spoilt child anymore. They only have developmental issues.
No one is shy any more. They only have social anxiety.
No one is interesting in something any more. They are into it.
No one talks to anyone anymore . They engage with the others.
No one does something from now on. They do it going forward.
No one feels something any more. They have emotional experiences.
No one agrees with you any more. They hear you.
No one understands your point of view any more. They can see where you are coming from.
No one dislikes what I've just written. They give me analytical feedback.

Please add your own favourite phrases...