March 29th, 2015


Spring in the Valley, 290315

Email to the bngbirds egroup:

Though the weather has heated up, our enthusiasm for birding still remains warm enough that 16 of us went to Valley School.

We had only seven members for the MCS;


many others met us directly at the School


Collapse )

Even the algae and the marks of the leaves in the bottom of the water trough were very artistic:


The sun quickly got too hot for comfort, and by 10am, many of us belonged to the Reddy commuity...Reddy to go and have breakfast, that is! Alas, Adigas was jam-packed because of the combination of weekend and school holidays, and some of us came to Woody's in J P Nagar while others, having shared some delicious snacks, proceeded home directly.

I've put up my i-drop shots on my FB album; to see them,

click here

and Soham has put up the eBird list, to see it,

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Cheers, and hoping everyone had a great weekend, too...