April 3rd, 2015


Make LiveJournal Live Again!

LJ, for me now consists only of a handful of friends, and it's just sheer persistence that keeps me going, especially since it doesn't even "open" for me most days. But here's an appeal from the LJ team:

Is your Friends page feeling a little empty? Do you have friends who haven't posted in a while you'd like to hear from again? Invite them back, and you can both get some free Paid account time as a bonus!

Our new Remember LiveJournal promotion lets active members like you send their long lost LiveJournal friends an invitation to return. If they accept, both you and your friend will receive a free month of Paid account time! You can earn 1 month of free Paid account time for up to 5 people who Remember LiveJournal, for a total of 5 months of free Paid account time. After that, you can still keep inviting friends, and they'll still get their free month of Paid account time. A special gift will be given to the person who has the most friends Remember LiveJournal, we'll be giving them a permanent paid account!

To start inviting old friends go to http://www.livejournal.com/remember/ while logged in to your LiveJournal account, and enter your friend's username. We'll send them an email with a confirmation code (or you can copy/paste the link and send it to them directly). Once they accept, they just need to post an entry for you both to receive your free month of Paid account time!

Head on over to http://www.livejournal.com/remember/ to help your friends Remember LiveJournal!

The LiveJournal Team.

Cheap flights...in prose and verse

This one definitely made me think of idahoswede and her experiences with Ryanair, and her own witty comments about her travel.

ALL our airlines have now formed cartels and there are NO cheap flights any more..even the starting figure (50p in this lovely song!) is pretty high!

My friend Hema, who used to be a flight hostess in the Good Ol' Days, had this to say..

read it here

For those of my friends (many of them, indeed, on LJ) who are not on FB, here's her note in full. You'll agree, it's worth being two blogposts! She lives in the US, and I've become close friends with her over FB. She visited Chennai recently, to meet her family here, and here's her account of her flight(s) back.

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You can understand why I'm waiting for teleportation to be invented.....