November 2nd, 2015


Deepa-ja, 021115

"Deepa-ja" translates to "Born of Deepa".

I have only one child. But that child is equal to ten.

She's a smart young woman with a mind of her own, which manifested itself right from the time she could express herself.

She's struggled with a lot of adversities, with grit and determination, and overcome things with courage and never let the struggle make her bitter.

She's made several compromises and lived up to them with grace and dignity.

She's always been keen on contributing to the society she lives in, and has, over the years, worked extra hard to keep on doing this.

She chose her own spouse, and her own life, and she's worked hard to make happiness for herself. This happiness radiates outwards to those around her.

From being a child, she's grown into being a steadfast friend of mine. She's helped me through some of my darkest hours, and helped me slowly emerge into the light.

I've found her playing so many parts...wife, career woman, near-perfection.I only wish I've half as good a mother to her as I see her being to her children.

She's overcome issues of self-esteem and self-image and is now so well turned out always.

She's generous in heart and spirit, and truly assumes goodwill in her dealings with others.

She's also taken care of her spiritual journey, and does not neglect that in her everyday realities.

She may often have opinions and decisions which I do not share or agree with, and yet, because of her conviction about them, I respect them and support her in them.

She reaches out to people and envelops them in her life and her interests.

She is, above all....a very good-hearted person. I look at her sometimes, and am lost in wonder...can this GOOD human being really be my child, when I have so many failings? Did I really do something so right...or is it that this soul just came to the world through me?

Happy Birthday, shortindiangirl May life give you the happiness you deserve. May good health attend you all the days of your life.

Too sugary? Too sentimental?


Why this pic...because it's a photo of a darter, of course! Heh, heh, heh. OK, you want a picture of MY daughter, not darter? Here are two of her infancy, one with me, and one with my father...

ambu dm am 1979
She has about 22 "pet names" that I bestowed upon her over the years...I do really think that I'd be willing to lay down my life for this accomplished and good young woman.

The butterfly, 021115

When did you grow up, my little baby?
The tears that I wiped,
The messes I cleaned,
The questions I answered,
The little body that I rocked
Through sleepless nights...
When did this adult
Emerge from her girlhood?
Herself a mother of two today,
Balancing work, home and much else,
Thinking for herself, compassionate and caring...
The little worm that emerged from my body
Who was a pupa which I could not peer into
For a while as she went abroad....
She's truly emerged as a beautiful butterfly
Who, being happy herself, delights others.