November 11th, 2015


Can you spot the Kingfisher? Muthanallur kere, 081115

On the 8th of November, Ajit, Kumar, Kumuda and I went to Muthanallur lake (beyond Kaikondrahalli lake). They'd visited earlier this year and the lake was bone-dry,and filled with trash. Well, trash was still around, but the lake had plenty of water...and plenty oflife!

Can you spot the Small Blue Kingfisher in this picture?


I assure you, it's there. I got this at half-zoom on my camera, from the very same spot:


Then I zoomed in a little more, to get this feathered jewel:


I love the superzoom on my camera that lets me capture things without going near them, or disturbing them! What wonderful technology!

Religion, colour and divisions...

Got this from Vishwa Prakash...

नफरतों का असर देखो, जानवरों का बटवारा हो गया।
गाय हिन्दू हो गई ,और बकरा मुसलमान हो गया।
मंदिरों में हिन्दू देखे, मस्जिदों में मुसलमान;
शाम को जब मैखाने गए , तब जाकर दीखे इनसान।
यह पेड़, यह शाखे भी परेशान हो जाएं ,
अगर परिंदे भी हिन्दू और मुसलमान हो जाएं।
सूखे मेवे भी यह देख कर हैरान हो गए ,
न जाने कब नारियल हिन्दू, और खजूर मुसलमान हो गए।
जिस तरह से धर्म के नाम पे हम रंगों को भी बाँटते जा रहे हैं,
कि लाल हिन्दू, और हरा मुसलमान हो गया,
तो वह दिन दूर नहीं, जब सारी हरी सब्ज़ियाँ मुसलामानों की हो जायेगी।
अब यस समझ नहीं आ रहा कि तरबूज़ किस के हिस्सों में आएगा?
यह तो बेचारा ऊपर से मुस्लमान और अंदर से हिन्दू ही रह जाएगा !

See the effect of hatred..even animals have been divided.
The cow became Hindu, and the goat Muslim.
We see Hindus in temples, Muslims in mosques..
Only in the evening, in the drinking houses, we see men.
Even trees and their boughs would be troubled
If kites too were to become Hindu or Muslim.
Even dried delicacies have been divided:
Copra is Hindu, and dates are Muslim.
The way we are also dividing up colours in the name of religion,
Saying, red is Hindu, and green is Muslim,
The day is not far, when all green vegetables will belong to the Muslims. which camp will the watermelon belong?
The poor fruit will continue to be Muslim on the outside, and Hindu on the inside.

Thank you, Vishwa Prakash, for sending this along!