November 26th, 2015


kArthikai deepam, mAri amman and savAri amman temple, HAL 2nd Stage, Blr, 251115

It was by sheer chance that I happened upon the sight. I'd gone to see "Court" at Max Mueller Bhavan, and the house was not only full, there was no way to enter! So my friends and I went to "Murugan Idly Shop", and then walked back...and along a lane leading from the road on which we were walking, we saw a blaze of light.



Though we were initially hesitant to walk in with our footwear, we found others doing so, and then went right up to the temple.





We found the ground alight with lamps.




Nearby was a newly constructed kalyani, IMG_1554

which was also set about with lamps.



The two goddesses of the temple, Mari Amman and Savari Amman had their Utsava Moorthis out in replesendent procession:



I took a quick shot of one of the idols inside, through the thronging crowds.


Prasada was being distributed. As we watched, the event wound down, with the lamps slowly flickering out. We resumed our walk towards our bus stop, facing the beautiful full moon.



Three poyums by KTB, 251115

Here are three poyums (well, I'm sure that's the way she'd spell it!) by KTB on a single sheet of paper,with her trademark spelling. The erth, the "gordon" (garden), and bees...

kavya poyum 251115

this is probably the first time that she's consciously made a rhyme!

I love her thought that if we were smaller than a bee, we could fly on its back!