January 27th, 2016


Silhouettes: JaagaDNA/BBMP UFO (Under the FlyOver) event, Hebbal Flyover, 260116

I’d responded to a request from JaagaDNA (one of the 3 arms of


to photo-document the process of creating silhouettes so that citizens could claim the public space under the flyovers that dot our city.

Unfortunately, my acceptance was emailed to the wrong id, but when Archana of Jaaga contacted me and asked me if I could come on the 26th of January, I readily agreed.

Silhouettes were chosen by Jaaga as a way of representing both a particular citizen, and the city’s people, in general. “Jaaga wants to address urban issues through community art,” says Kamya Ramachandran, Director, JaagaDNA, one of the three arms of Jaaga .( Mansi Kashatria tells me that the other two are Start-ups and Study).

The process of making the silhouettes involved shining a bright light at a person, throwing a shadow on the pillars of the flyover. The outline would be defined by mask tape, and would later be filled in by paint: Black, white, blue, yellow, red, and green.

Having seen the work done at the Richmond Flyover, I set off for Hebbal early in the morning.

As I approached the flyover, I saw some of the silhouettes that had been done on Saturday, the 23rd January.


Collapse )

Here’s one of the finished pillars, with four figures in silhouette in different colours:


However, given the fact that it is difficult, with the heavy flow of traffic, to access the space under the flyover, and also the dust and the noise, I do wonder if this public space can truly be utlized by the citizens of our city.