June 10th, 2021


K2 on a flight from Massachusetts to California....

Messages from the mother:

K2 is busy talking the ear off the guy who's sitting in the C seat (K1 and K2 in 31A & B and D and I are in 32A & B)

He's educating the guy on paisa & rupees in comparison to dollars. While his socially anxious sister tries to pretend she has no idea who he is.

So much chitter chatter

He's describing how K1 made a huge story which was a "spin off" of Jack & the Beanstalk, where Trump is a huge ogre.

They've talked about Minecraft and Mario, iPad apps, Slack, and whether the airline will serve them pretzels or Biscoff

Now he's talking about Donald Trump

He's talked to him about bridge, and how his grandfather plays it. They're now discussing their favourite drinks.

Can't tell the politics of this sweet grandfather so far, but he's from Reno.

K2 is a true Yakkety, a person who likes meeting and conversing with people....long may it last!

K2's favourite drink, by the way, is "cran-apple" juice.