August 9th, 2021


Loss...and grief....

Loss.....a small word (in fact, a four-letter word, but not in the usual sense of that phrase) that can mean such a lot.

All of us deal with it, but it does not make that an iota easier to bear. A loss is a loss when what is lost is of value to us.....a dear possession, a home, a phase of life, a loved one....

The little boy crying over a fallen ice cream is experiencing loss as much as a woman wailing about her dead spouse. How we deal with loss both defines us as people and turns us, too, into stronger, or weaker personalities.

Loss is closely allied to grief, and is one of the staples of the human condition. Sanskrit talks about "viraha taapa"...the agony of loss and separation, and I am sure every language has its own words for this sad state of the human mind.


Here is a sketch I made, of a young girl, shedding tears as she went through the rites after she lost her father. It still never fails to bring a tear to my eye.

IMG_6042 Outpouring of ghee and grief, Blr, 160819