November 15th, 2021


Morning walk, 151121

Walk from my daughter's home to mine, this morning:
Several puddles, still, to be avoided.
Trash, in ugly plastic bags, piled up, along with two incongruous, whole-looking mud pots.
A flock of pigeons feeding on scattered grain.
A man using a walker.
The "boni" (auspicious first transaction) sales of vegetables.
The fresh aroma of coriander as a woman ties up a bunch.
Men standing around chai stalls with steaming cups.
A lady smiling at me after sweeping away dead leaves in front of her home.
Cars being washed, some with a hose, some with measured buckets of water being thrown on the vehicle.
Mufflers and sweaters in evidence.
Children with their parents, waiting for the school bus, as the city slowly returns to normal.
The call of two Shikras having an argument in the trees above me.
My city is awakening to a new day.