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The SSO post ( Sainath's Spotted Owlets)

Let's srart off with the clear declaration that the photographs were MUCH worse than I feared. But...for me they tell a story, so please don't mind the lack of crispness or other technical imperfections...

Here's our friend the spotted owl, who resides in Lalbagh:

spotted owlet beauty Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

The first owlet that we saw in Lalbagh was too alert for us, and flew off into a different tree; but then we came around the large tree which Sainath said contained their nest...and there we saw this one:

Spotted owlet Lalbagh 7 Mar 07 two

That will give you an idea of the majesty of the trees in Lalbagh..and make you think of the majesty of the innumerable trees that have been cut down in this city lately, to make way for humans!

At the second location, we found a couple in the trees, and one flew into the tree-hole,and shortly thereafter, peeped out at us in the most endearing way!

Spotted owlet Lalbagh 7 Mar 07 three

Here's a distant shot, that will once again show the girth of the trees that support such bird-life:

Spotted owlet Lalbagh 7 mar 07 four

The other one was pretty comfortable (probably had a good dinner of rats!) and was dozing comfortably, not in the least bothered by our presence below:

Spotted owlet Lalbagh 7 Mar 07 one

The last owlet we saw had a lovely background of green; but alas,my pictures haven't turned out well at all, so I will leave that one for sainath and amoghavarsha to display!

Soon there's going to be a delightful squirrel post from me, with one photograph where you have to decide if it's friendship..or sex!Aha... That got your eye, didn't it!

Thank you, Sainath, for introducing me to your spotted friends, and teaching me how to post to Picasa, to Flickr and to LJ.
Tags: amoghavarsha, birds, lalbagh, spotted owlets

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