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I seem to keep talking about the Spotted Owlets at Lalbagh, but there are plenty of other birds, especially around the water bodies (no, a water body is NOT Pamela Anderson swimming)....

Here's the Pond Heron:

Pond Heron Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

This is a White-Cheeked Barbet, which makes a kind of "pucock, pucock" sound that is heard often in the forests. You can see the white "cheeks" of the bird:

White-cheeked Barbet Lalbagh 7 mar07

And here's the White-Breasted Waterhen..imagine being so light and dainty that you can walk on the lily pads in a pond! The bright morning light makes for a lot of glare...

White-breasted waterhen walking on Lily Pads Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

Thank goodness none of you will cluck at the quality of the pictures...
Tags: birds, lalbagh, photography

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