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SOL (Squirrels of Lalbagh)

No matter where you go in Lalbagh, these perky little creatures catch your attention. WE were going past a huge silk-cotton tree which was in pod, and we saw these animals:

Squirrels Lalbagh 7 Mar 07 four

Peeping out at the world:

Squirrel peeping out of tree hole

And here was the part of the tree which they had tunnelled through extensively, so that at any hole you could see one popping out or in....if you look carefully, you can see three of them there!

Squirrels Lalbagh 7 Mar 07 two

Squirrels are as modern as we are, and this nest also had its quota of plastic...see the squirrel preparing to go in:

Squirrel's dray, Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

And soon, we had Squirrels A, B and C (like those fellows who open taps or paint walls or dig fields in all those Orrible Arithmentic Problems in my youth) frisking around, delighting us totally. In this picture, it seemed to us that B was about to start grooming A, while C watched....

Squirrels Lalbagh 7 mar 07 one

But soon, their behaviour posed fresh questions in our minds. So...what's it? Is it the grooming of friendship, or is it courtship? Are they friends, or lovers? YOU decide.....

Two squirrels Lalbagh 7 Mar 07

And don't forget to check out the squirrels on Sainath and Amogh's LJ's too!
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