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A couple of other birds in Lalbagh

Yesterday sainath and I spotted these two birds:

The Golden Oriole...there were a few of these very beautiful birds flying around amongst the giant Eucalyptus trees; I have earlier seen them in a different area of the park, amongst the rain trees.

Golden Oriole Lalbagh 12 mar 07

Apparently, another variety, the Black-Naped Oriole, has been sighted in Lalbagh too. I hope to be able to sight one soon....

And on one of the largest, oldest trees in Lalbagh, which is a variety of the Silk-Cotton, we found the Chestnut-Tailed Starling feeding:

Chestnut-Tailed Starling Lalbagh 12 Mar 07

Both were a delightful sight to see, and we spent far longer than we had planned, watching them.
Tags: birds, chestnut-tailed starling, eucalyptus, lalbagh, photography, silk cotton

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