deponti (deponti) wrote,
deponti it delayed or not?

This was sent by someone on a mailing list I belong to, and I enjoyed it:

I do wish they would name trains that honestly!

And while you are's another variety of the silk-cotton tree, called Bombax Ellipticum. This is the flower, which I had never seen before; my friend Jayashree, whom I took on the Lalbagh walk yesterday, showed it to incredibly beautiful the flower is!

Bombax Ellipticum Lalbagh 13 mar 07

I am now subscribed to a wildflower egroup and a butterfly egroup, not because I know anything about them, but because the images are so fantastic! But occasionally, they give me some unexpected entertainment too. Did you know that there is a butterly called the Southern Duffer? I kid you not...
Tags: bombax ellipticum, humour, indefinite delay, lalbagh, photography, silk-cotton flower, train

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